Library Bytegeist Episode #8: In the Library with the Paintbrush: artist residencies

Data artist Jer Thorp has a dream of putting an artist in every library. In this episode we explore the benefits and challenges of hosting artist residencies in libraries through open conversations with Jer Thorp, Ben Vershbow, Jenny Odell, Steve Keene, Trent Miller, and Laura Damon-Moore about the artist residencies that have been hosted at NYPL, Brooklyn Public Library, and Madison Public Library.

Audio Mastering by Dalton Harts


“An Artist in Every Library” by Jer Thorp: 

“Art at the Edge of Tomorrow” by Jer Thorp: 

“Peripheral Landscapes: The Art of Maps: A conversation with artist Jenny Odell and geospatial librarian Matt Knutzen”

“Brooklyn Public Library Names Steve Keene as Artist-in-Residence for NYC Debut:”…ence-nyc-debut

The Bubbler at Madison Public:

Library As Incubator Project:

Music and Soundtracks:

Opening and closing track: “Magic” by Otis MacDonald

“Simple Complex” by Uncle Bibby

“Act One Tenebrous Brothers” by Kevin Macleod

Tools used to record this podcast:

Blue Yeti microphone:




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