So, what’s in a kit? New & Updated!

In July, we published our initial equipment lists. Since then, we have made some additions and swapped some items and so thought it time to share our updated lists with everyone, particularly as we are now halfway through the project!

We have also split the lists into a community scanning equipment list and an institution scanning equipment list as over the months, our equipment needs have slightly diverged & we felt it would be useful for people to see the different needs of the two project strands.

So, we welcome you to sit back and enjoy some light reading! We will also have these lists posted to the documentation tab.

*Disclaimer: The notes in our lists that detail the additions or swaps we’ve made to the kits, do not go into detail about reviewing new equipment or comparing swapped equipment against the original item. We will, in the coming months, be publishing full reviews of our equipment, including comparisons where appropriate.

We welcome feedback and comments, so feel to reach out to us via Twitter (@DigitizeNYC) or email cultureintransit[at]metro[dot]org